Escape to The Brick Oven!

We cater parties, office functions, and special events at your home or business.

We lost power during the big ice storm in Cville today.
No heat, water or toilets, internet or cell service. Mountains of work on our plate and the 35 degree weather starting to creep inside. A transformer nearby EXPLODED – AND a giant tree fell on Earlysville Road, taking down ALL the power lines – We’ve seen this movie before – it’s going to be a while…maybe days before power is restored…so we pack up and head out.
Yeah, Starbucks and Panera are about 15 minutes closer. We could hang out in one of those spots. But who wants to sit in an impersonal cookie cutter mega corp joint surrounded by strangers?
Instead, we drive through the sleet and rain over to The Brick Oven. Our good friend Dino not only greets us with a smile as we roll in with bags, cases and wet heads, he feeds us, and he insists we set up a temporary field office in the middle of his bustling restaurant. Why? Because that’s who he is, and that’s why The Brick Oven exists.
People like Dino are why bPOZ, Inc. exists. Not just to make a buck – but, like Dino and The Brick Oven, to be a valued, benevolent resource for the communities in which we live. We LOVE working with people like Dino – to help them build brands that mean more, that give more, and deserve all the success in the world.
That’s what marketing is supposed to be – something better, something more. Won’t you join us?